Construction has begun on in-stream habitat structures on the East Fork Millicoma River in the Weyerhaeuser Millicoma Tree Farm! Nearly 50 habitat structures constructed from whole trees and boulders will be placed along 3 miles of stream along the 4000 Rd. So far this summer, 8 structures have been completed.

The East Fork Millicoma River and its tributaries have the potential to provide important habitat to Chinook, chum, and coho salmon, and steelhead trout, as well as many other important aquatic species. Past common practices such as splash damming and stream cleaning have created poor habitat conditions throughout the basin. These habitat structures have been designed to create a healthy stream environment and increase the amount of high quality habitat. These structures add complexity to the stream which leads to an increase in the number of complex pools and sediment retention while also adding large wood to the stream and creating secondary and off-channel habitat which is important for aquatic species, especially salmonids! Habitat structures provide additional cover and shelter during high flows for juvenile fish, but also promote gravel retention by slowing flows down, creating additional spawning ground for returning adult salmon!