Life Cycle Monitoring Internship

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The Coos Watershed Association offers seasonal internships for students looking to earn college credit and gain valuable field science experience with an organization active in the community. Available internships currently focus on supporting the Coho Life Cycle Monitoring program. Through these positions, interns work flexible hours and earn up to three credits towards their degree while having fun in the creeks of Coos County and building their resumes for the future. All necessary gear will be provided, and mileage reimbursement is included. A stipend related to the number of credit hours completed may be available. Click here for more information about CoosWA's Life Cycle Monitoring Program. Internships for other CoosWA programs may become available periodically. 

Life Cycle Monitoring Internship Description

If you are interested in an internship opportunity with CoosWA stop by our office today for more information. 

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CooWA has had over 50 interns since 2012! Here's what they have to say!

  • “The skills I gained through my internship with CoosWA were the main reason I was able to obtain a job working for a fish biologist for the Forest Service participating in a salmon census in central Washington immediately following graduation.”
  • “I learned how to identify between different species of local fish, their habitats, and numerous behavior patterns. I also learned how important programs like this are for the species themselves, as well as the environment.”
  • “I have already suggested CoosWA to other OIMB [Oregon Institute of Marine Biology] students for potential experience.”
  • “I am now seriously considering continuing my work with salmon through graduate school.”
  • “I learned new things every day.”
  • “This internship played a role in securing my current job as a North Pacific Groundfish Observer while also, more importantly, helping make me a better scientist.”
  • “My internship solidified my desire to attend graduate school to study early life history stages; I begin working toward my PhD at Oregon State University next month.”
  • “Coos Watershed Association successfully helps marine biology majors to achieve their goals by offering a hands-on look into the field of fisheries biology that could never be achieved through a typical lecture class.”