The Messerle family has served on the Association’s Board of Directors since the organization’s inception in 1993. Dave Messerle took over for his brother, Don, in 2000; and Jeff Messerle has now taken over for his father, Dave. The Messerles are a fifth-generation local family and major private landowners in Coos County. Their company, Messerle and Sons, is a family-owned and operated natural resource-based business, which was started by Coos County pioneers as a single dairy in the 1920s; expanded with the acquisition of additional dairies in the 1930s; and has grown and diversified ever since. For more than 100 years, successional family members have stepped in to carry on the tradition and lead the business. The company now runs a forestry and ranching operation, including: forestry production, timber harvest, contract logging, beef cattle production and feeding, livestock marketing services, transportation, and construction.