B.S. in Geology, Millsaps College, Jackson, MS (2012), 

M.S. in Geography, University of Alabama (2015)


Allison moved to Oregon to join the CoosWA team in the late summer of 2015. While finishing her Bachelor's degree in Mississippi, Allison's passion for nature and the outdoors grew as she studied geology and river systems. It was here she found a new appreciation for how landscapes were formed and always changing through numerous field courses which took her to the Pacific Northwest, Appalachia, and even Scotland.  This new appreciation led her to pursue a Master's degree in geography from the University of Alabama where she concentrated on earth systems and fluvial geomorphology.  Her thesis focused on the basin-scale factors that controlled the occurrence of a specific channel morphology, bedrock shoals, on the Flint River in southwestern Georgia.  Allison is excited to use her knowledge and love of geology and river systems to expand her experiences to whole watershed restoration practices.

In her free time, Allison enjoys traveling, exploring, and spending time with her friends and family.  Allison is also an avid sports junky, but don't be alarmed if she doesn't root for the teams her fellow Oregonians root for.  After all, she is from California and went to school in the South!

What Allison Does at CoosWA

At Coos Watershed Association, Allison is in charge of upland restoration projects.  These projects include elements to increase stream complexity (large wood and boulder placements), improve fish passage to habitat reaches, and reduce the amount of road-related fine sediment entering the river systems.  She also works on channel reconstruction projects to reconnect abandoned floodplains in old valleys that were converted into pasture land.  Allison is involved in grant research, writing, and reporting, restoration project planning and implementation, and networking with landowners to generate new restoration projects in the Coos watershed.

Elizabeth Galli-Noble, Executive Director

Contact Allison

t: 541-888-5922 ex. 307