B.S. in Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Oklahoma State University

M.S. in Zoology, Oklahoma State University


While Cyndi has worked in many different ecosystems, her work has always led to restoration of native habitats for the taxa that rely on them. She has worked on invasive species and restoration projects across the country, including eastern Oregon and coastal Massachusetts. Cyndi received a Bachelor’s in Natural Resource Ecology and Management from Oklahoma State University. Her undergraduate work primarily focused on rangelands and invasive species ecology. Cyndi worked in both prairie and aquatic systems: publishing in Rangelands but also conducting research on spoonbill paddlefish. She combined her interest in aquatic and terrestrial systems and began focusing on wetland ecosystem ecology. This led to her to work with the Nantucket Conservation Foundation where she implemented restoration activities and documented home range shifts of spotted turtles.

Cyndi returned to Oklahoma State University and received her Master’s in Zoology with an emphasis on wetland ecosystem services. Her thesis focused on watershed restoration in an agriculturally dominated landscape and how restoration benefits native pollinator communities. Her study systems were playa wetlands—depressional wetlands that exist within their own watershed. This provided a foundation to broaden her work to landscape level restoration in an expansive watershed.

What Cyndi Does at CoosWA

At the Coos Watershed Association, Cyndi is in charge of lowland restoration projects. Many of these projects include riparian restoration which results in providing overwintering habitat for salmonids while helping landowners with drainage issues. Cyndi also works on a lot of invasive species issues; she is a coordinator for the South Coast Cooperative Weed Management Area, the Gorse Action Group, and serves on the Coos County Weed Board. For both riparian restoration and invasive species removal, replanting with native vegetation is crucial for the sustainability of a project. Therefore, she also co-manages CoosWA’s Matson native plant nursery.

Elizabeth Galli-Noble, Executive Director

Contact Cyndi

t: 541-888-5922 ex. 305