B.S. Natural Resources, Oregon State University (2016)
Concentration - Hydrodynamics and Watershed Processes

A.A.S. in Environmental Science, Southwestern Oregon Community College (2004)


Dan has lived here in the Coos for more than 25 years and spent the better part of his youth exploring much of the Coos Watershed. In 2001, he graduated from Marshfield High School and began attending Southwestern Oregon Community College (SWOCC) where in 2004 he graduated with his AAS in Environmental Science. Dan started working for the association as a field technician back in 2003, and is currently the association’s most senior staff member. Dan married his high school sweetheart Nicole in 2009 and they have 2 children together Paisley and Hayden. In 2010 he began furthering his education by enrolling part time in OSU’s Natural Resource Program via their distance education platform (Ecampus). In 2016, he graduated from OSU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Resources and a concentration in Hydrodynamics and Watershed Processes.

Dan and his family recently moved from living up river in Allegany for more than a decade to buying their own house here in Coos Bay. Living up the river in Allegany allowed Dan and his family to be close to the outdoors where they enjoyed activities like camping, fishing, hunting, and playing in the garden/yard.

What Dan Does at CoosWA

Dan participated in a work-study program with CoosWA from 2002-2004 where he helped operate a native plant nursery at the SWOCC campus. In 2003, he took a summer field position on CoosWA’s Aquatic Inventory (AQI) field crew and was later offered a full time staff position as a Monitoring Technician once he graduated from SWOCC. Over the last 15 years Dan has taken on a wide variety of roles and progressively more responsibilities here at the Association. As CoosWA’s Fish Habitat Specialist, Dan coordinates and conducts the majority of our habitat inventory program and the Pre/Post project monitoring needs associated with CoosWA’s restoration programs (see below).

Manages CoosWA’s Aquatic Inventory (AQI) program

  • Data collection/analysis/reporting used to develop Watershed Restoration Action Plans (WRAP)
  • Runs AQI data through ODFW’s Habitat Limiting Factors and HabRate Models
  • GIS analysis - Dynamic Segmentation of all AQI data at the reach and unit level.
  • Lead the charge on obtaining a comprehensive stream habitat inventory of more than 330 miles of the 358 anadromous stream miles identified here in the Coos Watershed.

Coordinates Pre & Post project monitoring associated with CoosWA’s restoration efforts

  • EPA’s - Relative Bed Stability Surveys
  • ODFW’s - Juvenile Snorkel Survey
  • ODFW’s - Adult salmon Spawning Surveys
  • ODFW’s - Aquatic Inventory Surveys (AQI)
  • DEQ – Shade Assessment & SHADOW Model
  • USFS’s - GRAIP (Geomorphic Road Analysis and Inventory Package) Surveys (Assisting Freelin Reasor)
  • Total Station Surveys - Channel Cross-sections, Contour Elevations, Habitat Structures, & Stream Crossings)

Performs backpack electrofishing to determine presence/absence (end of fish determination) for local timber Companies & fish salvage in and around our restoration sites.

Assists Project Managers with project proposals, designs, monitoring, and reporting needs.

In addition to his excellence in field monitoring and leading survey crews, Dan is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys hunting, fishing, and just being outdoors.

Dan Draper_Fish Habitat Specialist

Contact Dan

t: 541-888-5922 ex. 308