Forestry, Southwestern Oregon Community College



After 15 years working for a local utility, Dave started working for CoosWA in 2007 with the coho life cycle monitoring crew. Following one of his true passions, fisheries/fishing, Dave worked on spawning surveys and fish capture and re-capture, PIT-tagging, instream construction of antennas, rotary screw trap installation/operation and numerous other salmonoid related duties. Dave has since been hired as CoosWA's Riparian Stewardship Crew Leader. When he's not at work, you can usually find Dave with a rod in his hand, fishing in a stream on the Oregon coast.


What Dave Does at CoosWA

Dave is CoosWA's Riparian Stewardship Crew Leader and general jack-of-all trades. In addition to his restoration work, Dave is also involved in nearly all of CoosWA's education programs and through this organization has discovered a new interest in working with and mentoring youth. He strongly believes in the benefits of hands-on, boot-on-the-ground education in our community.

Elizabeth Galli-Noble, Executive Director

Contact Dave

t: 541-888-5922 ex. 350