B.S. Fisheries Science, Oregon State University (2008)

M.S. Ecology and Environmental Science, University of Maine (2011)


Ed Hughes is the Monitoring Program leader at Coos Watershed Association. Ed has 15 years of experience working for the State of Oregon, various agencies of the Dept. of Interior and several universities. He has studied salmon across their range in the both the Pacific Northwest and in New England. His interest is in the movements and migrations of salmonids in and around freshwater and estuarine environments, specifically mark-recapture research that utilizes PIT tags and associated fixed antenna arrays and mobile tracking. 

What Ed Does at CoosWA

Ed manages the Coho Life Cycle Monitoring Project at CoosWA and coordinates research and monitoring of other fish related projects in the Coos River Basin.



Elizabeth Galli-Noble, Executive Director

Contact Ed

t: 541-888-5922 ex. 304