B.S. in Marine Biology, University of Oregon (2017)


Tyler spent a year at the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology in Charleston, OR before returning to Coos Bay to work for the Coos Watershed. Prior to graduating, Tyler spent his summers working at a surf camp in his hometown of Hermosa Beach, CA and developed a passion for teaching kids in an outdoor setting. He enjoys informal education and is excited to be able to give back to the community where he received his education.

Tyler has spent his life on the coast and looks for any excuse to get in the water. In his spare time he enjoys running, hiking, music and game nights with friends.

What Tyler Does at CoosWA

As an Assistant Restoration Crew Leader, Tyler’s primary responsibility is supporting the riparian restoration program both in the field and in the office. Tyler helps lead the Oregon Youth Conservation Corps crew in summers and assists with other programs as needed.

Elizabeth Galli-Noble, Executive Director

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