B.S. ENVS: Ecological Restoration from Humboldt State University (2015)


Robbie has spent the past three years working in and out of community service, first as a Landscape Projects Coordinator where he was responsible for the grounds revitalization projects at Holden Village, a wilderness retreat center in Washington. During the 2016 construction season he worked with and educated guests and volunteers about landscape scale restoration. Once the revitalization projects were completed Robbie switched over to working as a Head Cook and helped to feed upwards of 400 people a day in a community style kitchen. With his background in Botany and Restoration, Robbie is looking forward to opportunities to work with native plants, Salmon, and youth volunteers in the area.

Having lived in the Glacier Peak Wilderness in Central Washington Robbie enjoys snow-shoeing, igloo building, and exploring new and uninhabited places in his area.


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What Robbie Does at CoosWA

As a Watershed Engagement Associate, Robbie’s primary responsibility will be to reach into the community to help educate people on the importance of their watershed’s health and to work with the Coos Bay High school students. In addition, he mentors college interns in salmon-related field work, assists with the Salmon Life Cycle Monitoring program, and participates in community outreach and volunteer generation at local events and through digital media.

Most recent book:

Robbie is currently reading Vol. 2 of the Sherlock Holmes series by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Currently Sherlock and his companion Dr. Watson are deeply embroiled in the investigation of the haunting Hound at Baskerville Manor.